Skill-Based Casino Video Slots Games

Everything in life requires skills. A game might sound like something that we do in our leisure but a casual gamer can never be a good gamer. In order to make a mark in the world of video gaming, you need to acquire skills that will take you way ahead than others. Video games tend to engage you for a very long time and challenge your skills from time to time involving your presence of mind and body in the game. Skill-based video games require you to have professional skills and knowledge in order to be the best.


What are Skill-Based Games?

The skill-based games are those online games that require some amount of physical (such as quick reaction or fast decision making) or mental ability (such as logical thinking, general knowledge or strategic dexterity). Skill-based games can be divided into five main categories:

  1. Arcade video games: you can call them puzzle games with high speed hence quick fingering and thinking is required
  2. Puzzle game: you are given a puzzle to solve within a time limit
  3. Word game: usually a jumbled up word is made to be rearranged to form a meaningful word.
  4. Trivia game: it questions the general knowledge of the player on various subjects
  5. Fantasy sports video game: such as playing car racing, baseball or football online.
  6. Card game: as the name suggests it is playing cards online.

New Online Casino Era

Gone are the days when the doors of the casinos were only open to old men and crooked gamblers, as we quite often see in the movies. Today, the online casino is open to all. Since many intellectuals believed that casinos were only game of chance and not skills, many legal casinos in order to attract younger and the intellectual players feature skill-based games in their slot machines as opposed to the regular slot games that depend on luck. These online casinos offer many different kinds of casino bonuses which players can use to try out a game before paying for it with real money and win some real money in return. Some of them spark the interest for playing their games by offering promotional bonus of 50 free spins for any slot game. But before starting your journey, make sure to read players’ comments on online casinos that operate with skill-based games and bonuses. The best skill-based games offering the best casino bonus are listed here:

  1. Ryzom
  2. EVE Online
  3. Mabinogi
  4. Anarchy Online
  5. WURM Online
  6. Free Realms
  7. Darkfall
  8. Slope
  9. Red vs Blue Billiard
  10. 777 poker

These are all skill based online video games that will readily sweep any game geek off his feet. All the ten games mentioned above are a must try and you will thank us for the assortment when you do. If you feel apprehensive about trying out skill-based casino games because you don’t know how well you will play, going for a casino bonus is what you should do. This way, you don’t spend any money and are free to practice as much as you need. There are many types of promos you could go for; there are even cryptocurrency bonuses. Follow this link to learn more about Bitcoin casino deals.

Luck may deceive but skills are your asset, they never deceive you. Hence if you are someone who does not believe in luck and still have a thing for the casino, skill-based slot games are the rightest choice for you. The more you practice the games, the more you hone up your own analytical skills plus the bonus of winning real money without having to pay a penny for it. That’s why we offer you a quick passage to the best bonus deals provided by Australian casinos, which are ideal for winning real cash without spending a penny. No deposit bonuses are glorious, and you are just one step away from them. Good luck.