Patch Notes: May 11, 2016

Patch Notes May 11, 2016
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 6pm-10pm PDT (~4 hours)



Jawaii’s Monsters and Minions are getting a drop rate increase!

Monsters and minions within Jawaii Ocean Island and the Wonderland raid dungeon will be receiving a drop rate increase.

Some drop rates will be doubled, and some even more so!

Doing a higher level difficulty within the Wonderland raid dungeon will give you a better drop rate for items.

Get a group together and slay Serenia!


We’re having a sale on Costume Fusion items!

Sale Period: May 11 – May 18, 2016


Accessory Fusion Tablet

SALE Price: 100 Kafra Points

Use an Accessory Fusion Tablet to fuse two accessories together for a new accessory and possibly more runeholes!


Costume Fusion Tablet

SALE Price: 100 Kafra Points

Use a Costume Fusion Tablet to fuse two costumes together for a new costume and possibly more runeholes!


Appearance Maintain Slate

SALE Price: 150 Kafra Points

Use an Appearance Maintain Slate during Costume or Accessory Fusion to keep the appearance of one of the costumesor accessories!


Rune Maintain Slate

SALE Price: 150 Kafra Points

Use a Rune Maintain Slate during Costume or Accessory Fusion to keep the runes slotted into runeholes of one of the costumes or accessories!


VIP Packs are on sale!

Sale Period: May 11 – May 18, 2016


Platinum Membership Pack

SALE Price: 1400 Kafra Points

The Platinum Membership Pack contains the following:

– (1) Elite Membership Card (30 Days)

– (1) Card Album

– (1) Mount Period Extension (30 Days)

– (10) Special Honing Oil (10%)

– (5) Complete Honing Scrub

– (5) Holgren’s Honing Polish Box

– (1) Refine Transfer Ticket

– (1) Adventure’s Pack

– (10) Explorer Pack

– (3) Thief Potion


Gold Membership Pack

SALE Price: 630 Kafra Points

The Gold Membership Pack contains the following:

– (1) Elite Membership Card (30 Days)

– (1) Card Album

– (10) Pump It Up Pill


May’s Munil Costume and Accessory Boxes are here!

Munil Costume Random Box (May)


Munil Accessory Random Box (May)



We’re celebrating our third anniversary by giving 500% Experience throughout May!

As you have probably all heard we are celebrating the 3rd Year Anniversary of Ragnarok Online 2 and we are hard at work trying to make sure the next year is better than ever.  


In the spirit of the things to come we are having a month long EXP Event.  That’s right, some of you may have already noticed the massive boost to EXP, but just in case you missed it. 


Event Period: May 1 – May 28, 2016


Each week, a theme will be revealed. You will need to search for things in the game that follow this theme, take a screenshot of it, and submit a forum PM to Vmod Salsa. At the end of the week, the screenshots will be collected and judged against each other. The more unqiue the item, the more points you get! Once judging is done, all screenshots will be posted along with their scores!


“This sounds like a lot of work! What’s in it for me?”
Rewards will be decided by a scale system based on uniqueness of object found. A perfect score would be a 5. For each extra person who also submits that item, each person receives 1 less point:
  • 1 person: 5 points each
  • 2 people: 4 points each
  • 3 people: 3 points each
  • 4 people: 2 points each
  • 5 people: 1 points each
  • 6+ people: 0 points each
Points can be redeemed for prizes in a way similar to Trivia. Please see the chart below:



Rune-Midgarts Tourism Guidebook

Event Period: May 6 – May 31, 2016


Do you have a location in Ragnarok 2 that you absolutely love? Or maybe you have a type of location that you love, which are in different actual locations. Either way, the Prontera Travel Agency is looking for volunteers to write guides for their new Tourism Guidebook. They will, of course, reward those who provide usable guides. But more about that later.

What we need is a guide for a specific location that you really enjoy visiting. We need you to show us (with screenshots) and tell us (in writing) why you love it so much. If you have several locations you like that follow a theme (forests, rivers, towns, so on), you can write a guide like that instead.

The Prontera Travel Agency has prepared some examples for you to view, so you can see what we’re looking for



  • There will be 4 Grand Prize winners. From each category, there will be one (1) each: “Best Guide” and “Staff Favorite”. We will pick “Best Guide” based on presentation of screenshots and writing. “Staff Favorite” will be the guide we like best out of the remaining entries.
  • Grand Prize winners will get a Permanent Mount of your choice
  • All quality entries will receive Cheny’s Sunshine Box


Gretel’s Handy Dandy Monster Manual

Professor Gretel needs your help! 

Recently, while going through her library she noticed some bugs have eaten away at her precious books.  All that knowledge has been lost! She must recreate a new comprehensive library of all the wonderful creatures of Midgard, but this time around she is feeling particularly inspired.  She wants to create the best comprehensive compendium of knowledge Midgard has ever seen!

And she needs your help to do it!

Starting today all Midgardians are urged to give a helping hand in creating this wonderful book.  Don’t worry it isn’t all on charity. 

Gretel has collections of completed DNA and Random DNA Boxes that she will be happy to give away for your contributions. 

For every monster she will need:








Map Location: 






And a close up image of reported creature!

Example of how this information may be used: 

Also do not feel limited to what is here.  If there is more information you believe would assist future adventurer’s feel free to add it in the “other” section.  This could include dangerous attacks, commentary the monster says, etc.



1st Entry: Complete DNA of Choice

Following Entries: Random DNA Box