May Lucky Box 300 KP

Kafra Shop

May Lucky Box 300 KP

Contains one of the following:

5 Chance Coupons

5 Divine Protections

5 Master Battle Manual Orders

5 Phantom Stones

Merlion Rein

Merlion Rein (30 Days)

Wolf and Fox Ears (1 Slot)

Wolf and Fox Costume (1 Slot)

Ocean Commander Tar Bucket (1 Slot)

Ocean Commander Uniform (1 Slot)

Devil Wings (1 Slot)

Angel Wings (1 Slot)

Cheerleader (Male) (1 Slot)

Cheerleader (Female) (1 Slot)

Cheerleader Eyepatch (Male) (1 Slot)

Cheerleader Hat (Female) (1 Slot)

2nd Anniversary Card Random Box

Platinum Costume Box SALE 560 KP
Platinum Accessory Box SALE 280 KP
April Munil’s Costume Box SALE 315 KP
April Munil’s Accessory Box SALE 155 KP