Metal Assault


Metal Assault joins the elite ranks of Warpportal bringing an action packed 2D side scroller with rough 'em up,
shoot 'em up fun! Grab some friends, grab a weapon and get in the thick of battle with defense specialist Carl,
sharpshooter Marie, the brute force of Burton and tactical expert Ai!



  • Mission Mode

    Discover the world of HERZ, while leveling up and finding new items! Enjoy the riveting story mode and open up mystery boxes! Good luck, gunners!

  • Co-Op vs. ZOMBIES

    Gather your comrades and cooperate with them to survive! Battle against hordes of zombies and more! Don't let them swarm you!

  • Battle Mode

    It's an all-out war! Prove that you're the better soldier with the better team in this Player vs. Player furious assault! Fight in teams of up to 8 players in DEATH MATCH, CAPTURE THE FLAG and ZOMBIE INFECTION MODE!