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Metal Assault joins the elite ranks of Warpportal bringing an action packed 2D side scroller with rough ’em up, shoot ’em up fun! Grab some friends, grab a weapon and get in the thick of battle with defense specialist Carl, sharpshooter Marie, the brute force of Burton, and tactical expert Ai! If you enjoy this game, we have previews of other exciting titles that you can try out, including awesome casino games that you can play for free thanks to no deposit bonuses from our friends’ site.







Mission Mode

Discover the world of HERZ, while leveling up and finding new items! Enjoy the riveting story mode and open up mystery boxes! Good luck, gunners!


Gather your comrades and cooperate with them to survive! Battle against hordes of zombies and more! Don’t let them swarm you!

Battle Mode

It’s an all-out war! Prove that you’re the better soldier with the better team in this Player vs. Player furious assault! Fight in teams of up to 8 players in DEATH MATCH, CAPTURE THE FLAG and ZOMBIE INFECTION MODE!

Metal Assault on Steam

Metal Assault is a 2D Anime online shooter. The graphics of this game is very similar to those in 80s retro games, except that Metal Assault Game Steam is a new game. If you are a zombie lover games, you should definitely try this one. You can play with a group up to 16, and you will have to fight against vampires, bloodthirsty zombies or werewolves. There are characters you can choose like the sharpshooter Marie, defensive specialist Carl or master tactician Ai. Make a group with your friends and play your strategy together so you can complete the challenges. You can also choose your own weapons.

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